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Business Spotlight

Coleman Farm Supply

By Kenzley Currin
Contributing Writer

Founded in 1982 by Judy and Benny Coleman, Coleman Farm Supply got its start by taking on a metal wire supply store when the owner decided to retire from the business.

That original building was a two room schoolhouse, which five years after beginning this investment, they found themselves outgrowing.

With such a large customer base, spanning a 50 mile radius, it was time to start building. A portion of what is now the warehouse was constructed across the street as their new shop to accommodate the needs of their customers as they changed and grew.

The husband and wife team stuck to their trusted system of “listening to the customer” to find out what they needed to supply and continued to grow their inventory. As the needs of their customers grew, so did the business. New construction was necessary an additional four times just to keep up with their diversifying merchandise.

They started and continue to be well known for selling wire “by the tractor trailer load,” posts, and “everything for putting a [board, field, or barbed wire] fence up,” as well as other farm supplies and feed. However, as they saw the trends around them shifting, the Colemans would adjust their stock accordingly.

Twenty years ago when there was a horse show arena down the road, they carried a large number of saddles and show horse attire, yet when the arena closed down they recognized the shift and backed out of saddles to make room for new more pressing needs while still carrying headstalls, breast collars, and horse care supplies.

Now they have shifted more toward expanding their lumber and hardware supply as well as grass seed, fertilizer, an d mulch in response to the incoming growth.

“As Woodruff grows, we hope to grow with it.”,Judy said.
If there is a need that they can fill, the Colemans will adjust accordingly to meet that need. Boots, clothes, propane, hay, indoor and outdoor chemicals are all ways that they have listened and anticipated the desires of the people who come into their store.

Always ready for change, Coleman Farm Supply does not foresee slowing down in the future but will continue to “find out what people are looking for” and “when enough customers start asking for something… start carrying it.” As Judy says, “I almost wish that farm wasn’t on the name anymore because it’s so hard for people to see past that to the diversity of the products offered inside.”

When it came to the building of their current store after what is now the warehouse was being quickly outgrown, Judy remembers her husband asking “Do we risk it all to build this [new] building?” To which she replied “If we don’t, we’ll be left behind.”

Now they are looking to possibly build again to give more room for their high demand gate production, which they sell wholesale as well as specialty.

Coleman Farm Supply plans on holding a customer appreciation in October.


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