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Two candidates seek to represent Ward 5

By Nicole Collins
Contributing Writer

Sharon Adkins Kelley is throwing her hat into the ring as a candidate for the Ward 5 seat on the Woodruff City Council.

This ward seat has been empty since its former representative, Tony Kennedy, passed away in May 2019.

Cassandra Kennedy is also running for the seat, but did not respond to requests for interviews.

Though she has never run for city council before, Kelley said some local people encouraged her to run for the Ward 5 seat.

“Being from here, kind of knowing the people, and wanting to see our little town do good, I would like to be part of it,” Kelley said.

She is a licensed cosmetologist and for 23 years.
Kelley believes her acute listening skills, a byproduct of all the years of being a cosmetologist, will be keen in her role on the council.

“Just listen and take in what they might want and see if I can make it happen,” Kelley said. “I think that’s vital of any communication across the board.”

She’s really eager to be involved in the council and complete all the training necessary to be an effective leader. “What good would you be if you didn’t,” Kelley asked.

Kelley admits a pet peeve of hers is seeing litter everywhere, so one of her initiatives, if elected to council, will be the beautification and cleanup of Woodruff and surrounding areas.

“It’s nice if visitors come in and see the Main Street, but if they take some of the back streets sometimes those don’t always look nice. It would be nice if the whole district would help clean up,” Kelley said.

While she’s open to growth and new businesses filling the empty buildings downtown, she knows that all the change coming to Woodruff might be unsettling to the locals. Kelley wanted to encourage the locals that you can “keep that small town feel but with an open mind and accept change.”

“I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. Some good, some not so good,” Kelley said. “I think we’re on a good road right now. People just have to have an open mind to accept change.”


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