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Wright speaks in Woodruff

By Georgia Ricketts
Contributing Writer

The Golden Age of Fellowship held its monthly potluck luncheon on Sept. 4 at First Baptist Church in Woodruff.

Approximately 60 senior citizens and friends gathered for fellowship were honored to have Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright as the guest speaker.

He opened his remarks by stating that “things are not as bad as the news would have you believe.” No stranger to controversy, Wright does not apologize for being a forthright person, and not sugar-coating situations which affect his duties to the community. He credits his wife, Kim, of 33 years, for changing him from a “Sunday Christian to putting God first in his life.”

Wright takes great pride in his deputies who witness to the “bad guys.” He shared that he comes from “dirt poor” beginnings, raised in Startex by Republican parents, his father being an alcoholic, and shared that his brother was murdered at age 32.

The challenges faced everyday in our communities afford him the opportunity not only to reduce crime in the streets, but to minister to those who are broken.

A current case in point is the Todd Kohlhepp case. Wright indicated that the crimes left a profound mark in the City of Woodruff as the residents were shocked to learn that murder, kidnapping and torture had occurred within the boundaries of their hometown. Wright reported that he did not have but one interaction with Kohlhepp and that was simply to pray for him.

Wright made a point of educating the audience that 22 suicides occur across the United States on a daily basis as a result of PTSD and that deputies are subject to PTSD in dealing with critical situations.

Wright has held office since 2005 and stated at the conclusion of his remarks that “as long as you want me, I will be here to serve you.”


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