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Catching up with the new queen

Woodruff High junior Brooke Bailey was named the school’s homecoming queen on Sept. 27. The Woodruff Times’ Kinzley Currin recently caught up with the queen to talk about the moment.

What did it mean to you when they announced your name?
“It meant a lot. Ever since I was little, coming to the football games and watching the homecoming, I was like ‘I hope to be that, I hope to win and represent my brother.’ It meant a lot. The starting quarterback is my brother so right after I won homecoming he was looking around the student section trying to find me and then he found me and just came [and] gave me a big hug. He was like ‘We did it!’ Everybody out there had a great chance I think. I was talking to other girls right before because we had all sat out there during the game and everybody was like ‘I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.’ When I did get called I was like ‘Me?’ and I had to look around for a minute and everybody was looking at me.”

Did your friends know that this was a big dream of yours?
“Especially my mom, because my mom’s my best friend and my closest person. So she knew it a long time.”

When the night began did you feel good about your chances?
“No. Because, I’m just a junior and there was a lot of beautiful and popular seniors that were out there and whoever [was] going to win I [was] gonna be proud of them either way.”

Have you ever competed in any other pageants?
“I have not. That was my very first one.”

You have also accomplished things as an athlete. How does being named homecoming queen compare to that?
“Being named homecoming queen… was a different feeling I guess. It was because I was in a dress and heels and I wasn’t in sweaty clothes. So, I felt really like a princess.”

What all sports do you play? Do you have any hobbies?
“I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. It’s very busy. And, other than sports, just being outside. And yeah I’m a country girl so I like huntin’, and I like fishin’.”

What do you plan to do in your future? What do you want to go to school for?
“I plan to either go to Lander or to Upstate and continue, hopefully, in volleyball. It depends on school, I guess, and what I’m offered, if I’m offered. I want to be a fifth grade elementary teacher and do history and reading. It just comes to me. I don’t want to do high schoolers and I don’t want to do the little ones, but I have an eight year-old brother and helping him this year has been like, this is what I want to do.”

How does it make you feel to be chosen by your peers for this?
“To be chosen by my friends, I guess, people in my grade, the school it’s like, ‘WOW.’ It made me feel good, I guess. It was like, oh I can do that just as you can do that. I feel like I showed people you can do it, because I’m not one of the most popular girls.”


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