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Durham wins Ward 4 Seat

Allen Durham won the Ward 4 seat on the Woodruff City Council as determined by the special election held on February 25.

Durham received 67 votes while his opponent Terry Davis had 33 votes.

Tentatively, he will be sworn in at the March city council meeting, held on March 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Durham is excited and focused to start his new role.

“I love our Woodruff and I want everyone who voted to know how thankful I am that they would come out and support our great city and the community efforts to make ‘us’ a better Woodruff,” says Durham. “I am sincerely humbled and honored to be selected to serve and that will be my focus for the coming termto serve. I am currently refreshing myself on city polity as well as our current vision so that I will be well aware of both. This is my initial efforts to give back to our community what they have so graciously given to me. I am blessed!”


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