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Q&A with the 2020 Miss Woodruff High Winner and Runner-Up

As told to Kinnidy Thorenson, Contributing Writer

The annual Miss Woodruff High pageant was held on Saturday, March 7. Junior A’Sydney Robinson, a first-time contender in any pageant, took home the title of the 2020 Miss Woodruff High. Olivia Lyda, a sophomore, was named runner-up.

Learn a little more about Robinson and Lyda and their experience participating in the pageant.

A’Sydney Robinson, Miss Woodruff High 2020Junior, 16

What does winning the Miss Woodruff High pageant mean to you? “I know my parents are beyond proud of me! Winning Miss Woodruff High School 2020 has assured me that I can do anything in this world and excel in it! I am so happy to be a representation of my school, my city, my family!”

What do you hope to do with this opportunity? “I hope to inspire more girls like me! My wish is that they take on life’s challenges with grace, resilience, and confidence knowing that they can overcome anything. To the girls who will read this: Never change yourself to be accepted by others!”

What is your favorite part of the pageant process? “My favorite part was the opening number. The other contestants and I were all competing for the same title but in that moment, we were a unit, not just individuals. Being united with the other contestants was genuine fellowship.”

What made you want to compete in the Miss Woodruff High pageant? Did you expect to win? “Participating in the pageant was something I had been looking forward since I was younger. I knew I could win! I was even more confident with the expectation of winning because of the hard work I put into being a part of the pageant.”

“Never change yourself to be accepted by others”

A’Sydney Robinson, Miss Woodruff High 2020

Olivia Lyda, Runner-UpSophomore, 15

What does placing in this pageant mean to you? “To be named runner up in my second year doing the pageant showed me that all my hard work and dedication truly payed off. It also excites me to be able to represent my school in any way.”

What do you hope to do with this opportunity? “In the past couple of years there hasn’t been many participants in the pageant. I look forward to using my title as runner up to encourage girls to join this pageant and try new things.”

What is your favorite part of the pageant process? “My absolute favorite part is the anticipation until we all meet on the night of. When I walk through the doors, with full hands, and I am greeted by girls taking my bags and hugging me. This truly shows what a pageant can do, it builds relationships and it opens you up to new friendships you could have never imagined. The rush of feelings that come over me when I see everyone five minutes before we go on stage is something I will never forget. It is full of nervousness, excitement, hope and happiness.”

You’ve done this pageant before. What do you think made this time special? “This time was extremely special because I walked into this with a friend. It was her first time doing a pageant, so we stuck together. I helped her learn how to walk, I made sure her talent was perfect, but we were honestly in this together. With her, I felt more confident on stage and it really helped me relax and find a sense of realism in the whole pageant. Sometimes I think people look at the stage and think how fake it is and how fake the contestants are acting. This year that couldn’t have been the case for either of us, we were happy winning or losing, as long as we had each other.”

Have you competed in any other local pageants? “I have competed in Miss South Carolina 4-H Teen for the last two years. This year I won; it was such an amazing feeling. That also boosted my confidence for Miss Woodruff High and really helped me get through everything without letting my feelings take over. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new friends through 4-H and learning about the different kinds of projects people participate in.”

Photo by Like Mother, Like Daughter Photography


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