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Business Spotlight: Enoree’s Taylor Boys’ Produce

By Kinnidy Thoreson, Contributing Writer

Dedication to the community is the cornerstone of Taylor Boys’ Produce, a local, family-owned and operated business in Enoree.

Co-owned by cousins Josh and Jeff Taylor, the company is a wholesale distributor selling South Carolina produced eggs, fruits, and vegetables and then delivering the items to local restaurants, schools, churches, nursing homes and nonprofit agencies throughout the upstate.

Established in 1994, the Taylor cousins set up the business in their hometown of Enoree with the goal to support the local community.

Taylor Boys’ Produce is an Associate Member of the Certified South Carolina Program of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. The program is a cooperative effort to brand and promote South Carolina produce and products. Members of this program can be identified by the “Certified SC Grown” logo on their signage.

According to Jeff Taylor, about 90% of business prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was distribution to restaurants and 10% to schools. Due to the decline in demand and desire to provide an alternative to otherwise crowded grocery stores, Taylor Boys’ Produce began reaching out to the public who want quality, locally grown produce.

To do this, Taylor Boys leveraged its Facebook page and began marketing its services and produce to individual consumers. Now the public can now call in produce orders to pick up on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Orders must be placed one hour prior to pick up time. The staff will bring orders directly to the customer’s car when they arrive.

Taylor says this new strategy has helped bridge the gap in sales while also allowing them to continue to support the community and local farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taylor Boys also interacts with its community on Facebook and its website by asking poll questions (like “What’s your favorite vegetable?”) and offering occasional contests to win produce.

Next up, Taylor says the business plans to pack and distribute boxes of produce to church ministries who will then deliver them free to those in need.

Though it is likely they will scale back on their marketing to individuals after the pandemic, Taylor says that they’re “definitely going to diversify and try different things.”

Taylor Boys’ Produce is located at 4138 Cross Anchor Road in Enoree. To pre-order, call 864-969-4222.

Jeff Taylor, co-owner of Taylor Boys’ Produce

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