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RISE Youth Boys Basketball Game Schedule

The RISE youth boys’ basketball team began their season last Saturday. Below is the game schedule for the rest of the season. RISE is a Woodruff 5th and 6th grade developmental basketball team that participates in the Spartanburg District Six developmental league. 

The Woodruff team is divided in into two groups and both groups have different game times.

All games are played at the Dorman High School campus. See legend below for exact locations.

Gray Team

DateTimeGym LocationOpponent
Jan. 1810 a.m.Auxvs. Holiday
Jan. 259 a.m.FCvs. Renfrow
Feb. 19 a.m.Arenavs. Gaines
Feb. 810 a.m.Newvs. Bush
Feb. 159 a.m.FCvs. Spears
Feb. 207 p.m.Newvs. Henry
Feb. 22Last game to be announced

White Team

DateTimeGym LocationOpponent
Jan. 1811 a.m.Auxvs. Fowler
Jan. 2510 a.m.FCvs. Spears
Feb. 110 a.m.Arenavs. Holiday
Feb. 89 a.m.Newvs. Chavous
Feb. 1510 a.m.FCvs. Register
Feb. 206 p.m.Newvs. Caudle
Feb. 22Last game to be announced

Gym location legend:

FC: Freshman Campus at the 9th grade school at Dorman High School. It’s a separate building, back behind the high school.

Arena: Main Gym at Dorman High School

Aux: Auxilary Gym beside main arena at Dorman High School

New: Across from Aux gym, near main arena at Dorman High School

Dorman High School address: 1050 Cavalier Way, Roebuck, SC 29376


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