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District 35 Candidates for June 9 Primary Election

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As of press time, the June 9 primary election will go on as scheduled. At this election, registered voters will have the chance to choose which candidates running for the South Carolina House District 35 seat will appear on the general election ballot in November.

District 35 covers Spartanburg County and part of Greenville County. Members of the South Carolina House of Representatives serve two­ year terms and are not subject to term limits. Candidates must be a resident of the district.

Learn a little more about the candidates and their issues for this seat.

Bill Chumley
Republican (Incumbent)
Age: 72
Current Occupation: Business owner and farmer
Where he lives: Greenpond Road in Woodruff
Why he wants to continue to represent South Carolina House District 35: “Representing our district in the House has been one of the great honors of my life. Working with other conservatives, I have been able to accomplish a great deal for our people, and I have several things I am working on such as a bill to provide tax relief for struggling businesses, priority virus testing for first-responders, as well as a prison reform bill that I believe we can get done next year.”
Previous Political Experience: Served four terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives
Top Focus Areas: “My main objective is to help folks get back on their feet after this pandemic shutdown. As fast as we can, we need to clear away the brush so businesses, employers, workers, and churches can get back to doing their jobs and making South Carolina great again.”

Chris Bennett
Age: 39
Current Occupation: Licensed Insurance Agent and small business owner
Where he lives: Greenpond, a small community in Woodruff
Why he wants to represent South Carolina House District 35: “I am an active participant of our community, therefore I understand the needs of our area. I will be a difference maker, not just a disrupter. I want to see productivity in our seat that directly benefits the voters of District 35. I will be a fresh, conservative voice that the voters of District 35 need. Additionally, I believe we have a wonderful opportunity to have someone in Columbia who will keep the issues that Woodruff faces front and center.”
Previous Political Experience: Currently serves on the Spartanburg County School District Four Board of Trustees.
Top Focus Areas: “My top issues will be to eliminate wasteful government spending and ensure our tax payers see their dollars at work in their community; while also working to bring broadband access to all constituents in the District 35 area. I will also continue to fight for the rights of the unborn and the rights of all Americans to own and bear arms.”

Garey Collins
Age: 56
Current Occupation: Retired from U.S. Air Force, stay-at-home dad. Active community volunteer from substitute teaching to special needs mentor to YMCA youth coach. Where he lives: Five Forks area
Why he wants to represent South Carolina House District 35: “I have a long track record of responsible service to my country and community.”
Previous Political Experience: “Though I have not served in a political office, I work as a political activist with the aim of returning control of South Carolina to regular folks.”
Top Focus Areas: “I believe that South Carolina continues to slip to the bottom of many nationwide rankings, we see our taxes increase and our politicians earmark more of our money for unnecessary pet projects. I want to put a stop to pork barrel politics. As a constitutional conservative, I seek to represent the real interests of the folks in District 35 and not those of political lobbies. Above all else, I am focused on bringing conservative fiscal reform to South Carolina, fighting for education reform (such as School Choice and Home School Credits), and ending the entrenched system of self-serving good ol’ boys who are more concerned with their wallets than yours!”

Helen Pendarvis
Age: 50 (as of May 18)
Current Occupation: Paralegal with the Law Office of Kinlaw and Cunningham in Greenville
Where she lives: Duncan
Why she wants to represent South Carolina House District 35: “My goal is to represent those who have lost faith in the South Carolina government. I will strive to tackle each issue and represent all residents. I want to bring District 35 together as one community.”
Previous Political Experience: Has not held a political office, but volunteers with the children’s ministry at Grace Cathedral Ministries and formerly served as guardian ad litem for the 7th Judicial Circuit.
Top Focus Areas: “We need access to resources that would enable everyone to build a life for themselves and their families, such as: public transportation and equitable housing that does not box out low-income families that desire home ownership. I would encourage developers with incentives to build mixed income housing. House District 35 needs to be equipped to provide for its citizens now and in the FUTURE. Currently, the district lacks quality low-income housing, public transportation, and resources to maintain consistent employment for our residents, even though we live in a flourishing manufacturing hub. With the expansion of District 35, we lack proper funding to expand water and sewer lines and well as our emergency response plans to include natural, weather and biological hazards.”


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